The Art of Calm

This is how you do it: First, get yourself still, very still, quiet as a cat with its eyes and as open.

Find a body of water, facilitate the return to animal. (See, it’s the human in the way— be … Read More

I Am with You, Pilgrim

I am with you, pilgrim, through farthest reaches of your broken mind, the desert-bone beaches of solitude you traverse like a champion would, crying blood, better than a man ever could.

No one catches you like I can, myself charging on … Read More

Hidden Treasure

Search for it as hidden; dig for it as buried. Treasure unimaginable, I speak of!

Peel back the veil of mortal stain we call logic and find the real wisdom (He has a name).

This king returns your meagre offering: gold … Read More

Has No One Felt Such Solace?

Someone beckons in the quiet blue, a corridor no one walks. I go through lattice and melt (my lamp, my heart, my hand on the lock). Like watercolour, like rain, you stain my cloak and skin (are tattoo).

Sneaky with … Read More


Nothing you do not see, nowhere you do not go. See who rides through highest heaven!

Through veil and curtain, I Am coming, flying through the other side of time.

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Fist of Cloud

Cracked before the rain and then you…


What you can’t see, see: A fist of cloud on the horizon, changing everything.

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Ancient Door

I am the other side of the door you knock at, heart pounding like a fist through the blood.

Go in!

What you thought was locked is open this very hour.

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Afternoons Under Wisteria

My hands, my petals, my face to the sun! In the safe place, I dance before the one with the gentle eyes. Years it has taken, an entire adulthood, to get back here. This one, he looks down and smiles.

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Out of this Depth

Out of this depth, I rise, kicking to the light. Heaviness, you will not hold me underwater again. Wise to the pull, I know that struggle can also be fight, can trim the excess in me and turn my sinews … Read More


Quietude, hidden heart like a flower like a mouth. He is gentle lion, fragrant dark.

Sit, quiet one, listen to leaf and windflute; I Am, calling from afar.

Magnolia in my hands, you are more precious than … Read More