Be kind to yourself, dear one, for you don’t know the trauma that brought you here, dragging its hidden weight at your heels. Perhaps a kinder word toward yourself will be the knife that cuts the rope you hold yet, unknowingly.

A history of self-flagellation, whipping yourself with willow shoots to drive the self-hatred out. There is a gentler deliverance, that forces out fear of punishment with love in the eyes, which is the way you must look at yourself, in compassion, as He looks at you.

Receive the mercy of the Deliverer, but let it reach the deeper level of how you see yourself, for as He accepts you in the Beloved, so too you must accept yourself. Accept that you are the Beloved, because to deny Him His bride is the greatest self-harm.

Break the cycle and receive love, divine, now.

December 03, 2018 — Alexandra Hunter
Tags: devotional