It's OK to Rest

It’s OK to rest by the side of the road. This too is from Me. I move and I sit with you in stillness, where the greater work is done, deeper, Spirit to spirit. It’s OK to be still, do nothing, wait on Me. Speak no words, not even pray. There are times when even the disciplines are quieted to nothing, when it is OK to just be.

A deeper well digging, a different kind of work, under the surface, but necessary for the next level of refreshing. This too is from Me. What have you to offer unless you lie down first and receive the infilling? There must be a deposit before there can be a withdrawal.

It’s OK if this takes years—some seasons are a preparation for decades of fruitfulness. Not a four-month harvest of wheat, not a four-year harvest of grapes, but a forty-year harvest of olives.

This too is from Me.

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