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Alchemy of the Heart

An easy road you wanted, not this dusty, sandaled wilderness where the skin of your hands darkens to leather, your heart to a hardened wineskin with nothing left to drink.

Anointing and Spirit, you once walked together in halcyon days … Read More

Desert Rose

In rocksand you have learned to bloom, your petals like tongues collecting morning dew.

Learn from the way it settles anew every dawn: mercy is like that, and kindness. You can be too.

Refresh others and be refreshed, in that … Read More

Pilgrims of Light

Pilgrims of light, we journey to a better country whose cities beat gold into bowls and earrings for our inheritance. Whose hills drip with copper and silver, the precious metals we ourselves become through fire.

He alone knows the way … Read More

Tender, Stronger

When you rise it is first an ocean pressure bearing down, pulling at the ankle, wrestling the hip.

Yield! you say, until the oxygen in your lungs lifts you through this underwater atmosphere up, up to white, up to light.

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Now Will I Rise

Says the Lord, Now will I be exalted in your midst. Do I not already, rise mist-crowned at the dawning? My sun-righteousness takes flight, healing on the wing.

Why all this commotion, the chariots and their riders? Because when I … Read More

Transitions, a Baptism

This fluid state I’m in could be ocean or amnion: semi-permeable, I flow through membrane, breathing liquid as easily as oxygen.

What is it for, to be born of Spirit and water, if not a baptism that entirely dissolves me … Read More


Represented by B’nai Or Gallery, Alexandra’s latest series “Heart on Fire” is currently on display at the Galería Pérgola, Instituto Allende, in San Miguel de Allende.

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