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I’m excited to be represented by Xanadu Gallery Studios in Scottsdale, Arizona. Check out the online gallery.

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New website launch!

Browse my super-swishy site, leave me a comment, start your art collection… Many thanks to Natalie at for her expertise and assistance, techy-wise.

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Though the smallest seed, yet it grows: The largest of gardens becomes a tree, so that birds of the air come. Now to Abraham and his seed were the promises, as of one. And to your seed, Christ.

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Angel Wing

O harbinger, what are you saying, carried on the wind you yourself created by the span of your wing?

On my way through flame, I spin and sing to the music of my bondage, loosening, from the angel in the … Read More


Keep watching the road. Out of nowhere comes our collision, molecular and of old.

In that day—wait for it— you will render all of me electricity.

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I Dream of Copper

Follow (I am giving you today), live and increase; enter the promise and possess the Lord, oath to your forefathers. Remember all the desert way, (your) God these forty led years; humble and test and know what was your heart, … Read More

Wealth of Nations

Buried in the sand like so many fountain wishes, a wealth of coins increases, each its own nation and mineral currency.

What you cast upon many waters seven, eight times, returns now to you, double your nothing. I announce its … Read More

Cross the River Raging

Cross the river raging, I hurl a heart of anger at you— take this, Lord!—which is the force of my disagreement with your will.

Catch it in a way that hurts your hand like my body hurts all over, catch … Read More

Be the City, Be the Hill

You came to this mountain bearing gifts, thinking a prophet lived on the summit, thinking he would see eternity in your eyes and invite you to his retinue. Cupbearer, harp player, royal food taster—anything to escape the lower life you … Read More

The Art of Calm

This is how you do it: First, get yourself still, very still, quiet as a cat with its eyes and as open.

Find a body of water, facilitate the return to animal. (See, it’s the human in the way— be … Read More