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A Garden, A Garden

A garden, a garden is my mother's bodyof English rose, wisteria, and grapetwisting the trellis. Not quite of this ruggedtidal pool island, no longe...

Be Kind to Yourself, Dear One

Be kind to yourself, dear soul, for you don’t know the trauma that brought you here, dragging its hidden weight at your heels. Perhaps a kinder word toward yourself will be the knife that cuts the rope you hold yet, unknowingly.

You Did Well Today

You did well today, be proud of yourself. What you see as no big event, no special occasion, I see as the steadfast victory of another foot forward, another mile taken, no matter how slow or plodding the pace.

Breakthrough of the Radiant Heart

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Spotlight 9 Magazine

Check out my new work in Circle Foundation of the Art's online magazine, Spotlight 9. 

Circle Foundation for the Arts

I’m excited to be featured on the Collectors’ Circle at Circle Foundation for the Arts. Check out my artist profile.


Featured Artist at The Nest

My diptych “Interspace” is being featured in the latest hipster hub of creative workspaces, Victoria’s The Nest.