Follow my example as I follow the example,
holding to the Christ teachings.

It is the Lord’s Supper you eat;
for as you eat each of you goes ahead.

Received from the Lord, I also
passed on to you—the Lord Jesus
on the betrayed night was bread
and He (taken, given, broken) said:
“This my body is for you;
do this remembrance in me.”

In the same telling way, He the cup:
“This blood is my covenant new;
do this—drink, remember,
whenever—and I will sup in you.”

Proclaim the death until He comes!
Therefore: whoever’s of the Lord
ought to examine himself worthy/unworthy
before he (takes, gives, breaks) the bread and the cup.
Anyone without recognizing the Lord’s body
eats and drinks himself judgment—why among
many are weak, sick, or fallen dead.

And when I come, I will (come again!)
give further direction.

—1 Corinthians 11 remixed

November 21, 2017 — Alexandra Hunter
Tags: poetry